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Mon/Tus/Wed Only
Regular mani + Regular pedi $18
Regular mani + Regular pedi + 20 minutes massage $38


Spa Pedicure

Callous removal &

10 Minutes Massage Regular Mani free

Enjoy this pedicure with honey soothe your legs Honey has antioxidant properties that help rejuvenate the skin and give it a natural glow

$ 50

Lasts up to 2 weeks!

Dries instantly simple soak off 

Appears as natural as nail polish

Great for vacation or any occasion 

That demands long lasting color

Green Tea

Spa Pedicure

Washed in marine sea salt

Soaked in foaming sea salt

Green tea body mud masque

Special exfoliating foot scrub

Callus eliminator

10 Minutes special oil Massage


Golden Spa Pedicure

(Callus Renoval & 10 Minutes Massage)


Gold spa is the symbol of wealth, well- being, strength and warmth the golden shimmer projects against environmental damage which makes the skin immune system stronger scientific find the medical action of gold were the inspiration for a gold spa treatment

$ 50

Top Spa


Callus removal It is the perfect super spa pedicure with moisture intensive pampering foot treatment which includes and foot bath salt foot scrub and oil



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